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  • Legal 3.3%
  • Private Sale 3.3%
  • Dev Wallets 4%
  • JBC Hub 4%
  • Referral Program 5%
  • Marketing & Development 6%
  • Public Sale 8%
  • Burn 14%
  • Presale 20%
  • Locked 32%

Welcome to the Crypto Jungle

The devoted team behind the project started planning and developing products in June of 2021. The ultimate goal of the project is to become an all in one project offering services such as:



JBC Swap




And Much More

By participating in the presale, the 8% referral link is available to all presale buyers.  Simply share the link and collect 8% of your referrals first purchase.

Also keep your eyes out for hardcap goal giveaways…

This is a dividing line

Jungle Book Crypto Products coming soon

Bianca Beers is an artist, designer and creator specializing in digital illustration and creative direction. Bianca’s work is a buoyant amalgamation of fashion and botanical illustration, graffiti and portraiture. With an energetically positive focus, Bianca aims to create community & uplift others by bringing colour, joy & meaning to the spaces her works occupy. Having launched her career in late 2017, Bianca has since gained a strong momentum and dedicated following, with her first solo exhibit supported by Microsoft in 2019, whilst catching the attention of major on-going clients such as Nike, Adobe, Sony and Puma.

Earn JBC Tokens

Staking provides an opportunity for holders to see their token amount increase.  This is a great way for your bag to work for you.  So what does staking do for JungleBookCrypto?  Tokens staked are used to help further the project by encouraging holders to hold.  As the project progresses, exciting perks will become available for different levels of holding which is another great incentive to buy and hold JBC tokens.


How to Stake

Through the JBC hub (On Android, IOS, and web browser) staking your JBC is easier than ever.

Choose from the following Stake Rules

Four Options

  • The Rain Forest of Bonobo Platinum (Minimum 50 Billion Tokens, 100% APR for 180 days)
  • The Royal Lion Wilderness Gold (50% APR for 90 days)
  • The Furious Gardens Silver (40% APR for 60 days)
  • The Sanguine Tropics Bronze (25% APR for 45 days)

Input the amount you wish to stake and get started today.  Click Stake and watch your Earned JBC increase in live time.

*In order to stake, a transaction must take place on the blockchain.  this requires a gas fee to be paid and as such, requires BNB to be in the JBC hub to pay for the fee.  Without having the BNB in the wallet, an error will occur preventing the transaction from executing.

*The Platinum staking option is locked for 180 days.   The bottom three tiers beneath are not locked and allow the staker to remove their staked tokens.  There is no penalty for removing tokens early.  The tokens earned up to the point of unstaking them will be honored and put into the holder’s wallet.

*Presale JBC tokens have a vesting period, but this does not prevent the holder from staking them.  Feel free to stake all or part of your purchased tokens and see your rewards earned in real-time.