The Founding Team

  • Michael P
  • Deborah A
  • Robert Smith
  • Sam A

Name: Michael P Alias: Jungle Ranger

Occupation: Founder, Director CEO

Location: Australia

About: Michael holds a BSBA /minor in psychology and diploma in Business E-Commerce. Michael has set up multiple successful businesses in North America, Europe and Australia. Throughout the years Michael worked with the likes of Ford, Mercedes Benz, General Motors, and Fortune 500 companies as a Financial Manager, General Manager, Product Integration Specialist.Michael is proud member of SPAAL (Security Providers Association of Australia). He has been involved in cryptocurrency space as an adviser and investor for the past 8 years. Seeing the crypto space how much it evolved for the past years, he is proud to bring in a project with his team that would revolutionize the blockchain technology and space. The team will bring in an all-in-one app for investors and clients. We’d like to call it “the Facebook of crypto”. Michael and his team are also proud to bring in different blockchain applications to solve different issues in the world that people are facing daily. In these uncertain times, technology and blockchain plays a major important role in the world. We are committed in delivering a unique project that would benefit investors, clients, and people throughout the world.Michael brings a vast knowledge in sales, marketing, financial field and developing various strong partnerships with the connections he’s made throughout the years.

Name: Deborah A Alias: Jungle Girl

Occupation: Co-Founder, Medical Coordinator

Location: Australia

About: Deborah has worked for the past 10 years in the medical field and brings in a lot of knowledge what doctors, patients, medical staff require. With her vast knowledge in the medical field, we would bring blockchain solutions for hospitals, medical centres and healthcare organizations that would benefit them. A lot of these organizations are paying premium price for their integrated software. JBC will bring in a blockchain solution at a fraction of the price they are currently spending. The scope is to integrate this blockchain solution into their organizations and make it safe, secure, reliable and fast. Deb will be developing various partnerships with different medical bodies in Australia and overseas. She will also, oversee charity work and communicating with different charity organizations that we are supporting.

Name: Robert Smith Alias: Bob Of the Jungle

Occupation: Director of Operations | Crypto Enthusiast | Woodshop Enthusiast | Illustrator / Designer

Location: United States

About: My passion is working with people. People are the foundation of everything and why I get involved. It is people and their passions through which accomplishments are achieved. It is by building people up that I find satisfaction in my work. My involvement in crypto is at some level expected. Cryptocurrency, in particular, was something created to favor peer-to-peer transactions, and more importantly, it is the property of the community. I spent many years out of my own country and culture, and I see we have more in common than we know. Through my involvement with cryptocurrency, I have built relationships with a community around the globe. There is nowhere else I'd rather be than working to improve the market's credibility and encouraging the ongoing efforts to enhance and explore the benefits of blockchain technology. From me to those who believe as I do, keep up the excellent work and let me know how to help.

Name: Sam A. Alias: Sam

Occupation: Project Manager

Location: Australia / India

About: Sam is a chartered professional engineer gaining extensive experience in Software technology space for more than 10 years. During this time Sam has served as a technology consultant for global giants Shell and Exxon Mobil before establishing a software consulting firm of his own within Sydney, Australia. Sam is an active contributor to some of the world's renewed engineering governing bodies such as Engineers Australia and International Society of Automation (ISA) North America. He has been associated with blockchain and cryptocurrencies since 2017 and consulted many ventures as lead technology provider. His Current Role involves managing a large team of developers and engineers internationally, emerging only the best in block chain technology.

Advisory Team and Partnerships

Building trust with your users starts with getting to know them better. A more complete understanding of the user base is only possible with the right identity and reputation tools. This is why Jungle is partnering with Mati. We are designed to make user verification processes seamless and complete from day one. We do the heavy lifting on fraud and compliance and give them the full picture of their users so they can focus on their core competencies.

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