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JBC Smart Is out

With JBC smart you can set up all the new integrated smart technology that JBC has to offer and control everything how you want, where you want, when you want. Utilizing our very own JBC Cloud service,Jbc store powered by our JBC token. Try it today. JBC SMART – POWERED BY JBC TOKEN

JBC NFT Artist Collaboration

Bianca Beers is an artist, designer and creator specializing in digital illustration and creative direction. Bianca’s work is a buoyant amalgamation of fashion and botanical illustration, graffiti and portraiture. With an energetically positive focus, Bianca aims to create community & uplift others by bringing colour, joy & meaning to the spaces her works occupy. Having launched her career in late 2017, Bianca has since gained a strong momentum and dedicated following, with her first solo exhibit supported by Microsoft in 2019, whilst catching the attention of major on-going clients such as Nike, Adobe, Sony and Puma.

Earn JBC Tokens

Staking provides an opportunity for holders to see their token amount increase.  This is a great way for your bag to work for you.  So what does staking do for JungleBookCrypto?  Tokens staked are used to help further the project by encouraging holders to hold.  As the project progresses, exciting perks will become available for different levels of holding which is another great incentive to buy and hold JBC tokens.


How to Stake


Through the JBC hub (On Android, IOS, and web browser) staking your JBC is easier than ever.


Choose from the following Stake Rules

Four Options

  • The Rain Forest of Bonobo Platinum (Minimum 50 Billion Tokens, 50% APR for 180 days – Locked)
  • The Royal Lion Wilderness Gold (18% APR for 90 days – Locked)
  • The Furious Gardens Silver (8.9% APR for 60 days – Unlocked)
  • The Sanguine Tropics Bronze (4.99% APR for 45 days – Unlocked)


Input the amount you wish to stake and get started today.  Click Stake and watch your Earned JBC increase in live time.

Cryptocurrency Products and Services

JBC Hub Hybrid

The JBC Hub Hybrid is an ongoing development focused on servicing the needs of the current crypto market and expanding the benefits of blockchain technology to real-world applications. A hub that provides tools, live charts, easy swap, crypto and market news tab plus storage for all your crypto needs. The hybrid is one of a kind.


It's a Jungle out there. Basecamp looks to provide featured spots for tokens to provide resources and access to truly research products and teams. Quick links all from one location to fully dive into the development teams, communities, and progress of projects that aim to bring credibility and integrity to our market.


If you are going to 'hodl', do it right. Let your tokens work for you and support the project as you Stake JBC with varying time limits with APY returns.

NFT JungleMarket

A market designed to bring non-fungible tokens and their perks to their full potential. Whether looking to provide proof of ownership or VIP access, NFT's have proven to be a valuable technology in creating digital scarcity where the use cases are rapidly evolving.

JBC Go Payment Gateway

Cryptocurrency is bursting from its shell to find its place in real-world use cases. Companies and individuals can benefit from implementing a payment gateway to spend and accept cryptocurrency transactions.

IDO Launchpad

What better way to support the community than a community focused IDO launchpad. Vetted projects with a real opportunity to share the full potential and passion of the team behind the scenes. Jungle Book Crypto looks to support the many people who have a vision and the skillset to improve our market's credibility.


A fitness application for everyone, where they can earn rewards in jbc token by completing different tasks. Users can buy, sell different fitness items through our jbc fit store. Personal trainers, gym owners, users can post different competitions, meal plans, personal training etc.

JBC Multistore application

The project aims at creating a robust platform to enable the users to explore a list of services, foodie & Taxi business applications and access the service providers from a single application platform and hence make it a secure, reliable and streamlined service usage. Also to generate revenue on each service used including our Jbc token and other currency.

Products and Services offered for Residential Clients

Smart home solutions

Smart home solutions integrating blockchain technology and our Jbc token. Clients can stake our Jbc tokens and receive support on products installed by Jbc tech team. They can also purchase products using our Jbc token through our online store.

Security solutions

Security solutions with CCTV, alarms, remote accessibility, and more integrated through blockchain technology for home and business solutions.

Products and Services offered
for Business Clients

  • Supply chain management through blockchain software.
  • Installation and integration solutions provided.
  • Medical blockchain solutions.
  • Crypto payment gateway integration utilizing JBC tokens.​


Legal (Locked) 3.3%

Private sale 3.3%

Dev Wallets (Locked) 4%

JBC Hub 4%

Referral 5%

Public sale 3%

Presale 8%

Marketing & Development (Locked) 6%

Burn 27.35%

Locked 36.05%

Jungle Book Crypto Community
Recognition and Appreciation

Behind All great projects are a community and a culture. The founders, developers, and partners behind Jungle Book Crypto wish to express their deep appreciation to the people who support and advance the project’s goals through opportunity and recognition.

Keep in touch for announcements, competitions, referrals, and opportunities to show your support and be recognized in rewarding and exciting ways.

The Road Ahead

Phase 1

  • Team Organization
  • Market Research
  • Company Formation
  • Legal Research and Planning
    • Australia
    • North America
    • EU
    • AE
    • Asia
  • Financial Planning
  • Partnership with Australian Legal firm and legal team overseas.
  • Advisors
  • Project Development
  • Project Designs
  • Promotional material
  • Website
  • JBC hub
  • Social networks
  • Site development
  • Whitepaper
  • Contract
  • Tokenomics

Phase 2

  • Presale (ongoing)
  • Website Launch
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • JBC hub Wallet delivery
  • Multi Currency Wallet JBC swap (Testing phase)
  • Basecamp launch
  • Staking/ Farming
  • Charts
  • Listings
  • Pancakeswap Listing
  • CMC
  • Coingecko
  • Listing on other exchanges
  • Education / onboarding
  • Partnership Development
  • Charities
  • Licensing

Phase 3

  • Jungle Dapp Browser
  • Nft MarketPlace
  • Hybrid exchange
  • Launching Jungle Swap within the HUB (defi exchange)
  • Defi projects able to list their projects on JBC Hub
  • Crypto Payment Gateway
  • Jungle Book Crypto store
  • Listings
  • Expanded Partnerships
  • Continued Marketing
  • Licensing

Phase 4

  • Defi Lending/Borrowing platform integration in JBC HUB
  • Enterprise medical blockchain technology integration.
  • Listing on more exchanges
  • Continuous advertising
  • More Partnerships
  • NFT Game release