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JBC Token

JBC token is the native currency of the platform.

The JBC token can be used to acquire products in the JBC webshop or pay for subscription fees.

Token details

Token name

Jungle Book Crypto



Contract (BEP20)


Total supply

1 Quadrillion

Circulating supply

668 Trillion

Token distribution

Team4%40 Trillion
Dev4%40 Trillion4 months lock with only 5% allowance
Marketing/Partnership6% 60 Trillion6-months lock
Legal3.3%33 Trillion
Referral5%50 Trillion
Staking7%70 Trillion
Liquidity6.2%62 Trillion
Pre-Sale - Seed 14.8%48 TrillionFunds used for Development
Public Sale - Seed 211.5%115 Trillion15% of funds used for development
85% of funds used for exchanges and liquidity.
Reserve15%150 Trillion
Burned33.2%332 Trillion
Total100%1000 Trillion

Tax utilization

8% Sell tax3% Liquidity pool (Half BNB/Half JBC)
3% Burned
1% Charity
1% Referral
3% Buy tax
JBC Hub Transaction fees60% Project
40% Redistributed as BNB to
top-tier staked JBC Holders

Max transactions / Locked tokens

Max sell250,000,000,000 (250 billion tokens)
Locks6 months lock on Project Wallets
Each 4 months, 5% of team wallets unlock.
3 months lock for Charity & Legal.