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What is JBC Hub 2.0

JBC Hub 2.0  is a multi-chain platform that simplifies & serves all of your DeFi needs/hybrid.

With the convenience of a single platform, you can swap and crosschain tokens, earn passive income, access cutting-edge portfolio management & market insights tools,. All of these features can be accessed on our JBC Hub 2.0 mobile app (available on iOS and Android),

You control your funds in JBC Hub 2.0

JBC Hub 2.0 is non-custodial. Your private keys and funds are always in YOUR control. Control your own Jungle from your fingertips. Just create an account in Jbchub 2.0 and enjoy all of JBC Hub 2..0 services.

If you don’t have a wallet, create a wallet easily on the JBC Hub 2.0 mobile app (Android | iOS) 

 Supports multiple chains.

JBC Hub 2.0 currently supports the following chains: Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon (Matic), Avalance, Abitrum,  Crosschain swaps and more to come.